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Cyprus Branches

Registration procedure
The registration procedure is again essentially the same as that for companies. However, as an additional requirement, every overseas company wishing to establish a branch in Cyprus must file with the Registrar of companies, the following documents:

  • Certified copy of the charter, memorandum and articles of association or other instrument defining the constitution of the company
  • Particulars of directors and secretary of the company
  • Name and address of at least one person resident in Cyprus, authorised to accept on behalf of the company, any notices required to be served on the company

With regard to the certification of the above documents, these must be legalised and “apostilled” in the country of origin. Alternatively, legalisation is required both by a notary public and the consul of the Republic of Cyprus in the country of incorporation.

Branch documents
As in the case of international business companies and partnerships it is advisable that the manager of the branch and the overseas company are provided, upon the registration of the branch, with a full set of documents, properly legalised and translated, where appropriate, into English or any other language. In the case of a branch such documents normally comprise of:

  • The certificate of registration
  • The charter of the overseas company or other instrument defining its constitution
  • The list of directors and name of the person authorised to accept notices.
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